The GreenScout supports organizations to become more green while improving employee engagement

Start sustainable habits, together with your colleagues.

For a better world.

Many organizations are busy with sustainability, but usually through several fragmented initiatives. This often leads to a lack of overview and measurability of the effectiveness of the various initiatives.

The GreenScout is an app that encourages the implementation of sustainable habits within organizations, through their employees.

With The GreenScout you can add your green initiatives to one platform, ensuring that sustainability becomes part of your organization's DNA.

It provides a fun and effective way to empower employees to take the lead in driving sustainable change, for a better world and moreengagement.

"With The GreenScout, I can actually make a contribution to a better world in an easy and fun way, together with my colleagues."


More awareness and lasting sustainable behavior within the organization.

Address the green initiatives that are most important to you.


Fun to work together with your colleagues on green initiatives and to make a real contribution.

Employees will feel more engaged with the organization and their team.


Employees stay informed on sustainable developments within the organization.

More insight in what drives your employees.


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