We make green & healthy habits

easy and fun, together.

GreenScout is the corporate engagement platform for sustainability and well-being

GreenScout is a sustainable challenges app for organizations. In mutual competitions, colleagues or departments invite each other for green and healthy challenges.

Our platform enables employees to actively engage in daily sustainable habits to ensure that this will be embedded in the organization and will become part of their DNA.

It gives organizations the ability to focus on the specific sustainable topics and objectives that are most important to them and where they can make the most impact.

The fun and competitive character of the challenges will strengthen employee engagement, while at the same time create actual impact together. Because a lot of small steps combined will lead to big results.

Happy People, Healthy Planet!


Happier employees

Employees become more aware of how green and healthy they are actually living. The extensive list of challenges can be used to make it easy and fun for everyone to do better and become more healthy.

Social and gamification elements in the app encourage interaction and inclusion of all employees, especially when working from home. This will lead to an increased feeling of belonging.

Engaged organization

Increased employee engagement will help with achieving the sustainable goals of the organization, which can select and tailor the challenges that contribute the most to their ambitions.

Having sustainability at the heart of the organization leads to more appreciation from its ecosystem and stakeholders, eg. suppliers, customers and (potential) employees.

Healthier planet

Employees and hence the whole organization are activated and incentivized to structurally change their daily behavior. Every completed challenge directly creates a positive impact.

Most of the available challenges contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, EGS goals and similar standards. Together we can make the world a better place!



With GreenScout, I can actually make a contribution to a better world in a fun way, together with my colleagues.

– Jasper (IT professional)

The app is so easy to use and intuitive, that I have formed new daily habits without even realizing it.
Ideal for on the go!

– Anna (Project Manager)