About GreenScout

Inspired by our own background in both the corporate and public sector, we noticed that many organizations are focused on becoming more sustainable, but that an actual culture change is often not realized. This is partly because the green initiatives are not cohesive and are not well aligned with the sustainable objectives of the organization. Moreover, employees are usually not actively involved while they need to drive the change in the end.

We think this can be easier and much more effective. With our app we put employees in the driver’s seat of the sustainable culture shift. GreenScout makes it fun to compete in daily green & healthy challenges with your colleagues while at the same time contributing to a future-proof planet. Because we all know, it becomes easier and more fun when you do it together!

Our Mission
To make green & healthy habits fun, together.

Our Vision
Sustainable habits ingrained in everyday life.

Meet Our management Team

Thomas Deijen


With a background in renewable energy projects around the world, Thomas combines financial expertise with a keen interest in sustainability.

Joep Obdam


Strategy & Operations is Joep’s middle name, having guided a variety of organizations into the next era in his role as strategy consultant.

Edwin Terink

Head of Product

Backed by his experience in business intelligence and managing product and development teams, Edwin makes sure our platform operates smoothly.