The GreenScout is a platform that encourages and measures sustainable habits of employees, helping organizations become
more green

The Greenscout is the ideal solution to achieve a more sustainable working environment

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a key focus for many organizations, while also the general public and governments put more responsibility at organizations to reduce their carbon footprint.

The GreenScout equips organizations with an affordable platform to make sustainability an integral part of their strategy, by incentivizing and measuring green habits. It actively engages employees via team projects and sustainable rewards.

The platform enables organizations to become more green, while at the same time be more cost efficient and improve employee engagement. Corporations improve their external branding via tailor made reports that provide data insights and industry benchmarks.

GreenScout is the ideal solution to achieve a more sustainable corporate culture and to contribute to the global goal to maintain a healthy and livable planet for our future generations.

"With The GreenScout, it feels like I can actually make a small contribution to the world's biggest challenge: climate change."


It is a win-win for both the corporation and its employees. Organizations become more green and attractive in a cost-efficient way, while employees feel engaged and earn tangible benefits.


A fully integrated, customized, and easy-to-use platform, combining multiple green corporate habits. The GreenScout empowers employees to take the lead in driving sustainable change.


Real-time insights into sustainable benefits, green behavior, and carbon footprint reduction. Tailor-made reporting and analytics for benchmarking and to support corporate branding.



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